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Version 3.41 (Build 90205)

- easily share photos and files with family and friends MagicMedia is a powerful and easy to use thumbnail explorer that helps you to organize, maintain, find, play and edit all of your media files.
MagicMedia includes and replaces a multitude of smaller and larger programs and toolsoftware. Rated top notch by users and reviewers - since years a 'must have' for casual and professional users.

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Connect your digital camera to the world

Connect your digital camera to the world.
I just wanted to say what a great program this is. I have been using it since January of 2005. My only regret is that I didnt bother reading on everything it does. I just spent three days looking for an easy program to edit pictures and all this time MagicMedia did exactly what I wanted. Thanks Again.
J. A., US

I love this program and use it for almost everything.
G. M., TX

Congratulations on a brilliant programme!
After many frustrating hours looking for the right programme, I found yours.
If only I had found it earlier...
M. M., UK

... tried it out for a week and bought it today - very good stuff & a decent price!!
R. H., MN

It's an awesome bit of software. We use it to create our weekly newsletter.
S.K., SA

... there is no better programme to find than this.
J.v.D., NL

I don't even want to try anything else!!!!

MagicMedia a lightning-fast and convenient universal viewer.
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